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Juvenile Delinquency and Juvenile Justice

Most children commit at least one delinquent act. They are “occasional” delinquents whose misdeeds are few and minor. “Continued” delinquency, however, may result from one long-standing problem, but most often grows out of more than one problem experienced over time.


This true story is written for troubled teens and ex-delinquents seeking to make sense of their life, mothers and fathers parenting trouble youth, professors, researchers and students studying delinquency in society and juvenile justice professionals seeking to reclaim youth at risk. Official
records include juvenile court transcripts, juvenile probation officer reports and records and psychiatric assessments, clinical and staff notes.


Understanding juvenile delinquency and juvenile justice can be confusing for parents. This concise e-book answers 20 need-to-know questions parents ask about the causes of delinquency and how the juvenile justice system seeks to control delinquent behavior. It also explains how the
juvenile justice system operates and the different directions a youth can travel within the system. Four checklists offer parents a better understanding of what may be influencing their child’s delinquent behavior and what they can do to prevent or stop it.

Featured Books On Juvenile Delinquency:

Purchase this series to understand the causes and cures for juvenile delinquency and how the juvenile justice system works.

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