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Meet our Alumni Speakers & Trainers 

Client perspective is fundamental to improving the placement experiences and adult outcomes of at-risk youth. Professionals, foster parents and other adults who work in the child welfare system have a duty to learn about the good and bad experiences of former clients. In turn, alumni have a responsibility to use their unique knowledge to improve the lives of traumatized young people, like they once were. Agencies, organizations and programs seeking guidance, insights and recommendations from successful former clients will benefit from the presentations made by our distinguished alumni authors, contributors and consultants. Please contact them directly.

"The only source of knowledge is experience"

- Albert Einstein
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Rhonda Sciortino

    Rhonda Sciortino, the author of Succeed Because Of What You've Been Through (featured on The Today Show), as well as 14 other books, used the survival skills from an abusive childhood to create personal and professional success. Rhonda built two successful social entrepreneurial businesses, then turned her attention to helping others to find their purpose and live their authentic success. Rhonda is the founder of the Successful Survivors Foundation, and she is the national champion of the Love Is Action Community Initiative.

Dr. Capri Cruz

    Dr. Capri Cruz is a Mental Health Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Author, Speaker & Foster Care Alumna who specializes in helping people emotionally heal so they can strengthen their self-image and learn how to embrace a positive and creative state of mind. Capri teaches the techniques that she used to shift her own mindset from decades of mental oblivion and suffering (due to trauma both in and out of foster care) to enlighten other trauma sufferers who want to create a life they truly love.

Dr. Adam Starks

    Dr. Adam Starks is a motivational keynote speaker on topics ranging from foster care, to child welfare, and trauma-informed care. As a former ward of the state who broke the cycle, he empowers audiences to uplift at-promise youth by tapping into community resources to realize their potential. He serves on his local school board and as President of the West Virginia CASA Association.  Adam is also a multi-genre author of books such as his autobiography, Broken Child Mended Man, and the children’s book, Love Will Find Your Home.

Dr. Vivian Dorsett

    Dr. Vivian Dorsett is the college and career readiness manager for Christ’s Haven for Children, and college instructor. She works with groups and non-profits on a state, and national level such as Texas CASA, FCAA, NCMEC, NFCAPC, developing curriculum, conducting trauma training, advocating for foster care awareness and improving child welfare policy. Her education is in Sociology, Criminal Justice and Theatre. Using her own story and the stories of other former fosters, Dr. Dorsett has a unique talent in combining education, research for presentations and public speaking. She also utilizes the arts to bring awareness to child welfare issues as a writer, director, performer and producer.

Elizabeth Sutherland

    Elizabeth graduated from Western Carolina University with degrees in Computer Information Systems & Criminal Justice. She now works in Tampa and has her own blog, talking about her search for her family. Liz was featured in the book Growing Up in The Care of Strangers and is the author of No Ordinary Liz, a book chronicling her incredible life story. She is a frequent motivational speaker for organizations and has had her life story featured on several podcasts, radio and TV shows. Liz is a founding boarding member of Fostering Success.

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