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Biographies of At-Risk Youth for At-Risk Youth

Even famous adults sometimes start out as at-risk youth. Their life stories serve as examples for lost boys and girls searching for meaning and direction. They are heroes and role models whose humble and disrupted beginnings can inspire new perspective. Troubled kids should know about them.


This short biography about Maya Angelou tells how she grew past her troubled childhood. Being raped at age 8 and pregnant by 16, Maya turned to prostitution to support her baby, and drugs to hide her shame. She also began writing stories, poems and essays. But when she became
involved in the Civil Rights Movement with Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., her life changed forever. This true story includes a vocabulary builder and 10 questions about Maya’s amazing life. Read this fun e-book about Maya Angelou to learn how she rose above her humble and
troubled beginning to become America's Poet Laureate.


This short biography informs the reader about Dr. King's family background, his childhood influences, educational experiences and the life events that molded his character to become the most important civil rights leader in the history of America. The story begins with the full transcript of Dr. King's famous speech, “I Have a Dream”, and goes on to focus attention on Reverend King's 1) ministry, 2) involvement in bus boycotts, 3) sit-ins, 4) freedom rides, 5)
children’s crusade, 6) Civil Rights Act of 1964, 7) Nobel Peace Prize and 8) Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Featured Books on Biographies of At-Risk Youth For At-Risk Youth

Learn how you CAN save a child from a lifetime of misery.

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